Permavations stands for Innovations in Permanent Agriculture. Many have pioneered these methods over the course of centuries. This science is referred to by some people as Permaculture but began centuries ago when all food supplies were local. When I was eleven years old I visited Greece and the yards were all full of food producing plants. It had been their way of life for millennia.

      There is nothing more gratifying than finding a better way of doing something. This means a yard full of exciting food producing plants that are more beautiful and less expensive to maintain than a typical landscape. It also means a higher quality of life through less work, lower cost, healthier and prettier landscape. We can do all this and place less of a burden on our ecosystem. Please join us as we innovate and strive towards sustainable and permanent agricultural methods.

      Imagine going away for vacation only to come back to find your landscape looking better than when you left and ripe for picking. The idea is to produce as much raw material input at home and to reuse those outputs similarly.

      If you are looking for lumber please email Timothy Campanis at (remove the "X" from the front of the email provided, just throwing off spammes) A new focus now is soil management as a means to enhance human health. Please expect more on this topic later. Feel free to watch our youtube channel here: VIDEOS

Permavations is a division of Minnehaha Incorporated based in Nashville Tennessee.